Akshar Technosoft

Akshar Technosoft

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Akshar Technosoft

Akshar Technosoft

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Hospital E-Infrastructure Management...

Hospital E-Infrastructure Management System (HIMS) Software

Akshar Technosoft is one of surat-Gujarat based software development firm engaged in developing standard business ERPs for hospitals and its related areas with sole purpose to provide user friendly and efficient business solution.

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Akshar Technosoft is the leading provider of modern ERP solutions for business in Surat, Gujarat. Our products apply powerful technology that helps customers work better together.



Inside companies, Akshar Technosoft networks dramatically improve employee productivity, alignment and innovation. Externally, Akshar Technosoft supports vibrant customer and partner communities that drive higher sales, better service and greater satisfaction. Millions of users  rely on Akshar Technosoft day in and day out to get work done, delight their customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

Akshar Technosoft IVF Software

Akshar Technosoft IVF Software is designed by expert software developer team and doctors to provide easy to use central information facility allowing clinic-specific customization.

There are many challenges to manage amount of information that has to be handled for IVF and Fertility clinic.

To make this easier for you we develop IVF software powered by Akshar Technosoft that is adapted specifically for IVF and Fertility clinics. Software provides a complete integrated platform for any infertility treatment provider facility. It is a central information facility, storing general patient identification details along with diagnostic listing, and all tests and procedures that are performed in IVF department.

IVF Software includes...

·        IVF History
·        Investigation & Clinical Examination
·        Systematic Examination
·        Laparoscopy
·        Hysteroscopy
·        Treatment Plan
§  Fresh
§  OVUM Donation
§  Embryo Donation
§  Frozen Cycle
·        Donor Registration
·        Stimulation
·        HSG Triggering
·        OVUM Pick Up
·        Egg Fertilization
·        Embryo Transfer & Freezing
·        Pregnancy Test
·        IVF Summary

Image-1. IVF Embryo Development Card

Image-2. IVF Procedure- Laparoscopy

Image-3. IVF Procedure- Systematic Examination