Hospital E-Infrastructure Management System (HIMS) is a complete hospital suite serving all functional areas of the hospital. Each of the department's work processes are in tandem with the system's business process. It is user friendly software. It can take care of much complex OPD operation; it covers complete cycle from Application, Appointment, User Registration, Patient Registration, Patient History, Patient Case File, and Doctor along with Prescription writing.
The software is designed for multi-specialty hospitals, to cover a wide range of Hospital administration and management processes. It not only offers simple user interface for people to easily work with, but also makes it easy to get report to, as is provided with host of report modules such as Case Wise registration report, Consultant wise registration report, etc.
The software is open-ended and could be customized to the specific requirement of the hospital. The software could run seamlessly on hospitals regardless of their size. It could cater to both a 5-bed hospital as well as 5000-bed configuration.

HIMS ERP is modularized into various modules; one of module is OPD Management:

OPD Management Features:

  • Full co-ordination between Doctors, Admin and Receptionist via System Notification. 
  • Dual-mode communication between doctors and receptionist via Live Chat Room.
  • Compatible with i-pad, smart phone, tablet etc.
  • OPD Appointments with system timing assistants & Patient Registrations
  • Displaying patient waiting queue with approx timing.
  • Specifying doctor not availability and auto SMS alert to respective patients.  
  • SMS conformation and reminder.
  • Facility to re-schedule patient consultation timing in case of any doctor emergency and SMS alert to unreported patients via SMS.
  • OPD Service and Charges specification.
  • Maintaining receipt vouchers, patient payment dues and records of patients from employer firms.
  • Management of medical records from paper to electronic
  • Specification of discount authority and providing SMS conformation about discount given from respective authority.
  • Consultant & Case OPD
  • Displaying number and list of online users.
  • Patient satisfaction and coordination.
  • Lower Cost of Operations
  • Physician and Staff Productivity
  • Full access control according to user rights given by admin.
  • Visual informative dashboard to different users like doctor and admin.
Receptionist Desk
The solution enables quick registration of patients, therefore allowing for larger volumes. All data is stored in a fully scalable database, which can be used for preventive healthcare, marketing and monitoring of processes. Giving the entire process promptness and efficiency, the module covers
  • Patient appointment.
  • Paper free and hassle free OPD registration with Card Printing.
  • Patient reporting and providing previous dues.
  • Generating service card.
  • Preparing Receipt vouchers.
  • Maintain information about hospital contract with company for cash less corporate medical services.
  • Interface for maintaining doctor schedule, leave details to get efficient doctor availability.
  • Maintain information of reference doctors.
  • Facilitate in capturing Patient Demographic and Insurance Details
  • Assign unique Registration Number to each Patient
  • Billing and registration can be done as per the hospital rules.
  • Provision to renew the patient.
Doctor Desk
  • Rich, visual informative, dynamic doctor dash board.
  • Management of medical records, from paper to electronic. HIMS allows hospitals to create and manage electronic forms to capture clinical data at any point in the patient consultation journey.
  • Doctors defined case sheets: Doctors can easily create case sheets as per their requirements and case sheet can be assigned to every department which contains all information about the patient.
  • Patient's old history and test results can be accessed within one click.
  • Diagnosis, Clinical history, Treatment and advice, Prescription etc. can be directly entered to the case sheet.
  • Facility to Prescribe medicine
  • Option to send mails directly from the case sheet (To those doctors who referred the patients and also to those whom you want the patient to refer).
  • Can refer the patients to tests directly from the case sheet itself.
  • Upload medical records.
  • Diagnosis Analysis.
Help Desk 
The help desk is an important patient interface, and if managed well, enhances the brand image of a hospital. This module automates the functions of the Front office management providing visitors/patients with quick and accurate information, such as: 
  • Patient waiting Queue with approx time to wait.
  • Doctor’s availability Schedule.
  • SMS booking confirmation and reminders.


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